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    Calgary, Canada
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    Crochet, Sewing, Baking
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    Stay at home mom
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  1. Call it family tradition... My great grandmother crocheted, my grandmother crocheted, my mother crochets, guess it just runs in the family. I love making toys and items for my children. It makes them so happy watching their favorite characters come to life before their eyes. I feel like I would make my grandparents proud with my talents. I desperately need to be busy all the time. Crocheting keeps my hands busy and my mind working. I can't just sit down and watch a movie, I need to be dong something with my hands.
  2. I love sewing and baking as well. My husband bought me a really nice sewing machine and I love to sew aprons and Bake. Especially cookies and Banana breads! I would love to sew some items and incorporate crochet into them. I tried my hand at knitting, but prefer crochet! I'm also an aspiring Author, with very little time to work on that!
  3. Yes. this happens to me a lot! It's super frustrating and impiossible to get out without tearing my project apart. I've learned to keep my hair slicked back while I work. I helps... Most of the time!
  4. I'm 32 this year. I started in late 2016 and I am addicted but still semi-new to the craft. As a stay at home mom, I have lots of time to research patterns and ideas for my kids. I have made quite the stash of Amigurumi and costumes for my 7 year old.
  5. I used to crochet all day and night long, unfortunately life, and Eczema took control. I find I like to crochet during the day/morning while I sip my coffee and wait for my son to get ready for school. Sometimes I put on Netflix and work on my projects in the evening after dinner while we watch a movie.
  6. My mother taught me the basics of crochet when I was 10. However, I didn't return to the hobby for 20 years. Found my old hook and a ball of yarn, so I tried again at 30 and now I am addicted!
  7. Thanks everyone! I look forward to sharinf my work with everyone!
  8. Hello everyone! I live in Calgary, Alberta and I am an Avid Crocheter! I have been consistently crocheting since Early 2017 but learnt at a young age.I love making Amigurumi and themed hats/items for my children. I'm excited to be here and make new friends, hopefully some in my area! Take a look at a few things I've completed. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing my work and insight!
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