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  1. THANK YOU Ms. Magic ~ I'm a very visual learner, so this video is perfect!
  2. Thank you all for responding and explaining. I think I understand better now--and I'm relieved that you think the instructions might be worded oddly or awkwardly. I can feel less stupid. :-P I think I'll try doing the stitches a few times with practice yarn to see how it looks and reassure myself that I'm on the right track. Thanks again!
  3. I picked this pattern because it's labeled "Easy Peasie Beginner," and I know how to do all the stitches needed for the blanket. I'm also familiar with crochet abbreviations. However, these instructions are not painting an "easy peasie" picture in my head: 1st row: (1 dc. Ch 1. 1 dc) in 5th ch from hook (counts as dc. Skip 2 ch). *Skip next 2 ch. (1 dc. Ch 1. 1 dc) in next ch. Rep from * to last 3 ch. Skip next 2 ch. 1 dc in last ch. Turn. Could someone whose brain works in the necessary way PLEASE translate that into easy peasie language? What does the first set in parentheses mean? W
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