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  1. Sorry about the link mistake.(doy)Thank you for the reply. I didn't read all the directions. I was supposed to be skipping one Everytime I made a bean, but I was stitching in each stitch across. And I'm in agreement. I don't like the beans. I'm doing ( most of them) right , but they do look spaced out and a little sloppy. I've noticed that the way people showcase there pattern online in a photo isn't necessarily the way it's gonna look when you make it. Clever showcasing will make a project look less spaced apart or neater than it really is. But I'm sure with experience I'll get the idea of wh
  2. Okay.I was wondering if anyone else that has tried it had the same problem I have had with guage being to small. Well, it's not quite that simple actually. The guage is as follows. 14 rows by 7 bean( 6 loop puff) stitches= 4" by 4". (Lion brand mandala yarn size 3)And of course using the famous size H crochet hook. But it also says, an easier way to guage your project is that your starting chain of 100 equal 27 to 28 inches long. My problem is, when I guage my project, even a J hook doesn't quite get me 7 bean stitches equaling 4 inches( try making 7 bean stitches with something close to an
  3. Just a quick question. Where can a wide variety of color be purchased in crochet thread sizes? I've not seen a good variety of color in stores but I do see so many beautiful projects being done with a lot of different colors online. THANK YOU.
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    Yes! It's red heart. I apologise for not giving all the specifics. I'm still learning. And this craft is really really specific lol. I'm using claret, and caffe latte and a off white color it's Aran 1313( I think) the red claret is very thick and scratchy. The other 2 are more silky and thin. The white seems to be thinner than the brown. So I've been using 3 different hooks. I also just realized that the 3sc corner of my edging aren't EXACTLY in the corner of some squares due to stitch variation in the patterns So I've been going back thru and adjusting that issue and it's helped a lot. Thank
  5. Yes it seems to be wrinkled in some spots especially the ones that I did that are thicker. The ones that I had to stitch around posts are giving me the most heartache. I haven't joined them yet, but the book uses a whip stitch. I've never joined squares it's my first time so idk what would be best. Thanks for the tip I will look into it and I'm definitely willing to do anything that has the most pleasing result! The project I'm doing is 63 different patterns so I've had to really ponder and "frog" until I've gotten to a point in my work that I'm even remotely satisfied with lol. All I have mad
  6. Ive been worried about this all thru my project and I can't find an answer anywhere because I have a pretty specific question. I'm doing a blanket in squares. I know that getting all the squares to the same size is very important. But I absolutely cannot get all my squares to be exact. Some are a quarter inch smaller than they should be. Will that make my project look bad once it's put together? I did it in acrylic yarn. All my squares are supposed to be 8 by 8. But some are 8 by 8 or 7 and 3/4 by 8 and Visa versa, or even 7 and 3/4 by 7and 3/4. Is that to much variation?
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    Thank you for the reply. Yea I'm worried about blocking the acrylic because of things I've read about it being easy to ruin your project. I found where a lot of ppl have done this same project on ravelry and they to had to use G,H,J and even sometimes k hooks to achieve the specified amount of stitches in each square adding up to 8 by 8. In hindsight I wish I would have took on some smaller projects for a while longer because this blanket will be 6 ft long at the end and I've had to frog idk how many squares being a newbie in all. But I'm sure I'll love it when it's done after all the blood sw
  8. Wow. I didn't realize so many people are crocheting! I picked it up from my 80yr old grandmother in law. It's my new addiction. So, hello from The Detroit Metro area, My name is Sarah and I'm glad to have found a community of fellow crocheters to be a part of and share in the fun!
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    Hello. Okay. I have a few questions regarding blocking. First things first. I cannot come up with a consistent answer on acrylic blocking... Does it work? And is it a permanent affect? I'm working on a huge project (63 pattern stitch heirloom Afghan) and I may be new to crochet, but, I know the specified gauge don't apply to every square there's just no way. In the directions it does say that some of the squares will really benefit from blocking. On the internet I'm finding a lot of ppl saying acrylic won't block. But the book I am going by states that the designer used red heart.(acrylic) my
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