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    wife, mother of 2 girls ages 11 and 9
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    Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    crocheting, reading
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    residential counsellor, and domestic violence case coordinator with local police
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    purses/bags, accessories for my girls
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    since 2004
  1. I'm back after a very long rest- been crocheting A LOT,, but just not on the 'Ville. But now I can enjoy it once again!
  2. holy cow! You have been busy!!!! Beautiful work!
  3. I've mad a few crocheted angels this year but am having a terrible time getting them starched. They turn out all *gicky* looking. I am using Aileen's tacky glue, watered down with equal parts water but the still look terrible! Any suggestions? Thanks Denise
  4. Beautiful! I am so happy to see that someone did actually get through that pattern! I tried ( and frogged) so many times I could cry! Maybe I will tackle it again soon! You did an awesome job!
  5. let me check my cabinet... I believe i downloaded it free... but I'll let you know by this evening.
  6. Beautiful work!! Wish I could sew like that! Your talents amaze me!
  7. My seven residents received thier blankets yesterday!!!:cheer All were quite pleased. As I figured, some were a little camera shy, so I snapped a pic of their group photo, just so you could see them all. Thank you to all of you who helped out with the squares!! It was sooo hot and muggy yesterday, yet they curled right up in the living room with their very own blankies!!!!
  8. An N hook- that's too cute! Actually, almost half of the squares in the seven were donated from some wonderful people here at the 'Ville. I ahve their names posted in the initial post, but I can't seem to bring it back up to the screen ( yeah, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this 'puter at times:loco) Anyhow, we have planned a little party at the Home when I go in on Monday ( any reason to have a party there is a good reason). My DD is going to make a cake, and our summer student and i are going to decorate before they come home from work, so that in itself should make them all very happy! Then they'll get their blankets!
  9. Between my 11YO daughter ( my shadow since the last day of school) and my dog( I think you may be able to see a bit of white fluff from her tail in the same pic), I was lucky to get pics at all!!!
  10. Last March, I asked for help with some blankets for the seven residents in the Group Home where I work. It has been a slow process, especially with my surgery and vacation time this summer. But they are finally done:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap I think I will give them to "my other family" this Monday when I go back to work. I will definitely get photos, hopefully of each resident with their blankets! A VERY special thank you for those who have helped with this. I do have extra squares, and I think I will donate them to an elderly lady who knits/crochets stuff for the cancer unit at the hospital in the city. Once again, thank you SOOOO much! Hope you enjoy looking at them!! Denise
  11. Made this for my step-aunt, who is home for my step-father's family reunion. I ran out of white thread so had to finish it in black. I got the pattern out of Annie's attic crochet booklets ( forget the name). Used some thread I got at Wal-Mart in the clearance bin for fifty cents (no label). This was a little break for my hands whne I was working on the last 2 of the seven comfortghans I'm making ( had carpal tunnel release surgery 6 weeks ago). Thanks for looking!
  12. ***UPDATE*** My surgery is over with ( Had it done on June 25th so had to go a little over a month with NO CROCHETING!!!!) Plus, I went on a vacation to Newfoundland with my daughters and my sister and her daughter for a week. So once I get everything unpacked, I'm hitting the "Blankies" again. I have 4 completed, with the fifth one just waiting for the last row of edging on it, aand the other two all in order, just waiting to be crocheted together. It looks like I will have some extra squares so I'm thinking I might make a blanket for another man and woman who work with my residents at the Activity Center ( they are also challenged) but live in assisted living apartments. What do you think? I should be able to post some pics by the end of the week. Just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten about this project. I am aimimg to have them TOTALLY completed in time for our special community Mass for the residents the first Sunday in September! Denise
  13. Hello from another Bluenoser!! You'll love the 'Ville!!
  14. Happy Anniversary! And I really love that afghan, especially the colors!
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