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  1. MadreBug

    Yarn Winders

    Avon Lady, Do you know what brand yours is?
  2. MadreBug

    Yarn Winders

    I'm wanting to get a yarn winder. My budget is very strict. Do any of you have suggestions on non-budget busting winders? I'm hoping for one that will make larger cakes as I have a couple of pound skeins. I know that's asking a lot but thought I'd try. I figure one of you lovely crocheters might be able to help me out
  3. Thank you. I looked again and realized the end of the pattern continues farther down to create the brim.
  4. Charity Baby Hat I'm whipping this together for my friends new baby. This is probably a silly question with an obvious answer. At the end it just says FO. So, do I fold up 3 or 4 rows (or more), then whip stitch the top? TIA April
  5. I didn't think about how warm it would turn out. I just hope it's not TOO warm and he gets plenty of chance to wear it. We're in North Texas and it doesn't get very cold all that often.
  6. I finally finished my dad's hat. It was a ton of fun but a booger. I had to frog rounds a few times after crocheting too late and missing stitches.
  7. I'm really confused about row 5 on the following pattern. It says "working behind the posts just made, FPtrc in the last 2 skipped stitches". How in the world do I do that? I can't make it work. When I yarn over the holiday doesn't want to go behind the other posts. https://www.allfreecrochet.com/Hats/Celtic-Dream-Crochet-Beanie-Pattern
  8. I finished my son's hat and scarf. They were both so much fun. Now, on to my dad's hat.
  9. Here's the finished product. I offered to make it longer but apparently he likes the length.
  10. Granny Square, thank you SO much! That information will be invaluable in the future. Luckily, he got home and tried it on and it fits perfectly for him! I'm so relieved. It's not the prettiest hat but it was fun to make and he likes it. I'll get a pic up somewhere as soon as I can.
  11. So, I taught myself to crochet I'm mid-December. I've done a couple of projects and tend to stitch tightly (I'm working on that). I made a hat for my 16 year old son with some yarn I had stated around the house. I'm pretty sure it's acrylic. In an attempt to have it not turn out too small, I went up a hook size and tried to loosen my stitches. All that's left is to single crochet around the brim to finish it. Sadly, it looks as though it will be just a tad bit. Is there any way to shrink it or are we stuck with the size since it's acrylic? TIA- April
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