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  1. also do either of you know how to take a patten that calls for size 30 cotton thread to 20 and how to change the hook? would it be a smaller hook, and by 1 or 2 sizes?
  2. ok, so I don't know weather to go up in a hook size, which means a smaller number as it is a metal hook for thread cotton size 10, so go from a 7 to a 6 or 5?? I thought I measured my gauge but as I went back and measured again, its off. sould be 2" and its 1", if this helps.
  3. what caused puckering or curling in a thread crochet doily, is it hook size? I am using what the pattern says to use size "7" and which way do you go on size, bigger? I have made one before and didn't have this issue.
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