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  1. I'm working on this project: https://knitted-patterns.com/knitting-for-women/crochet/tunics-dresses/3227-cranberry-sweater-tunic It says - Next rows: Work in Body Pattern until piece measures 19 [19, 191/2, 20, 20, 20, 201/2] inches from edge of Ribbing. Now does this mean 19 inches from the bottom of the ribbing so 7 plus 12 to make 19 or does it mean 19 on top of the 7 inches of ribbing. Thanks
  2. The other thing I was thinking - if you look at the diagram it shows the sweater straight up with no indent. If I go with the stretching to 20 will it still be straight up or will it pull in, if that makes any sense.
  3. No it didn't say it measures 20 inches but when you look at the diagram it does show 20 so I figured that is what I was supposed to end up with. I'm using that foundation chain stitch to start so it does stretch pretty good.So do I just stretch it?
  4. https://knitted-patterns.com/knitting-for-women/crochet/tunics-dresses/3227-cranberry-sweater-tunic I tested my gauge. I get the right number of stitches but my rows are off. For example, when I do the ribbing I'm supposed to do 96 rows which is supposed to measure 20 inches. Then I work 86 stitches into the 96 rows. I only get 16 inches. I don't know what to do. If I go up in size my stitches will be off and then I would also have to go up a size to do the body which would make that off as well.
  5. but if they give you a number of stitches to work... why would you add more?
  6. Can I pester you with another question. At the beginning of the instructions for the ribbing it says " Multiple of any number of sts. ". What do they mean by this?
  7. OK so I went up to a size 5 hook and did 40 stitches that measured 9.5 inches across. 40/9.5=4.210. 1/4.210=0.237x 172 =40.855. So if the finished size is 40 I should be ok now or should I try a smaller hook to try and get closer to 40.
  8. Well at one point I thought I had some clarity but now I'm hopelessly confused again. So before when I did a sample and then blocked it, I think I stretched it out. So the sample came out too big. Also, I don't think I was measuring it properly. So I've tried another sample. This time I did 40 stitched ( you'd said it was better to do a few more) and 20 rows. Then I measured the whole piece and my stitches per inch came out really small, like 4.57. I do tend to crochet tighter as opposed to looser but I didn't think that tight. So what do I do now. After doing some reading it said to go down a
  9. OK so after blocking it measures 7 1/4 across and 5 7/8 deep . I'm making a medium (40). So that would be 86 +86 for 172 stitches across. So that would be 7.25 divided by 30 = 0.241 x 172= 41.56. so is this right? Would I be ok with this gauge without changing the needle size?
  10. ok well I just finished it so I'm waiting for it to dry. Thank you for your help.
  11. oh gosh I find this so confusing. This may sound silly but what is 0.233 of an inch? I'm working with marino wool.
  12. Another question on this pattern... I'm about to do the gauge check but I'm a bit confused. It says 30 body pattern sts (I understand what those are) = 7 inches. Does this mean that if a chain 30 and then do a row of pattern stitches it should measure 7 inches? Also, is this stretched at all or just as it lays? The same with the 20 rows = 5 1/2 inches. I know I'm supposed to block once done so do I measure after blocking? Am I correct in thinking that when you block it stretches it a bit? Thanks
  13. Thanks. I don't have much choice other than ordering online so I can't get to touch and feel until I buy it. OK so I have this sweater I'd like to try but the yarn is discontinued. I've checked out yarnsub and still haven't found anything. What would you recommend for this http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/lacy-cardigan Thanks
  14. So this might be a silly question but .... everytime I find a pattern I like and want to try, when I search for the yarn that has been used I can't find it anywhere. It's been discontinued or it's out of stock. I believe it's the yarn used that makes the product so attractive. How do I go about finding an alternative so that the end result will be the same? Will just getting another yarn in the same weight work the same? I'm not experienced enough to know the answer and don't want to spend a lot of money to end up with something I don't like or that really doesn't work the same. Th
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