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  1. TheresainMN

    Cast Iron Handle Cover

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to make a few for a friend.
  2. TheresainMN

    Kitchen Towel Toppers

    Very nice. I especially like the waffle top one.
  3. TheresainMN

    A Child's Warm Winter Hat

    Thank you. I'll take a look.
  4. TheresainMN

    A Child's Warm Winter Hat

    Hi ~ I am looking for a pattern that I had printed years ago but is missing from my collection. I believe it was called Child's Warm Winter Hat or Warm Winter Hat. It was worked from the bottom up with a sc rib. Once the ribbing was done it was it was seamed together and the hat was worked in the round from the bottom up. I thought the hat pattern was by Dot Matthews but I'm not finding it anywhere and its possible I am remembering the author wrong. TIA 😃
  5. TheresainMN

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    Thank you ☺️ I love how the color scheme turned out.
  6. TheresainMN

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    Thank you, it was a great pattern to follow.
  7. TheresainMN

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    Thank you ☺️
  8. TheresainMN

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    Thank you
  9. TheresainMN

    My New Finshed Blanket!

    Very nice job. I like the look of squares but I hate tucking all those tails! 😂
  10. TheresainMN

    Animal c2c Afghan

    This is so precious! I love it. 😃
  11. TheresainMN

    Chemo blankets

    Your blankets are beautiful and so is the sentiment and labor of love you put into them. I have a question... do you make them and give them to the chemo department to use over and over with patients or do you give them to the patients to keep?
  12. TheresainMN

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    I made this Afghan for my sister in law from the Attic24 free pattern called the Cozy Stripe Afghan. I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. I didn’t measure it but it fits lengthwise in a twin bed.
  13. TheresainMN

    Grandchildren Afghans

    What a beautiful labor of love. They will be treasured I'm sure. ❤️
  14. TheresainMN

    WIP Star Wars R2D2 Pixel Blanket

    Very neat! Looking forward to seeing the finished afghan.
  15. TheresainMN

    Working across, afghan slants

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, working across, cutting and then keep the work right facing. I worked the slanted afghan in the back loops only and the one I started tonight I am using back loops only too. I guess I'll work it for awhile and see how it goes. Thanks again.