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  1. rottsrul

    Hello fellow crocheters

    Hi everyone. I just stumbled across this forum by accident. (Yea me! ) I'm still relatively new to crochet - learned the basics as a child but only recently picked the craft back up. Actually "recently" is relative as it's been a little over a year but I have very little time to crochet so... My favorite things to crochet (try to crochet? LOL) are cardigans/tops. I had a disastrous first attempt at a cardigan (turns out partly me but also definitely the pattern). Anyway, I came across Doris Chan's "Top Down Design" DVD that walks you through making the Kolika sweater. SUCCESS! So now I've got some of my confidence back and am looking forward to my next project (as yet to be decided). Anyway, "hello" to everyone! Robin