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    home accessories, scarves, sleeveless dusters, blankets, shawls

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  1. Thanks. Trying to create some albums already and see that my pics ended up in what appears to be a chat string. I'm new at this and that wasn't at all my intent. Will pause for now. I need to read up on a few more things to get the hang of all this.
  2. Maggie Lamb


    V shaped shawls
  3. Hello, everyone. I just joined Crochetville and since the welcome message encouraged me to introduce myself, thought I'd comply. Also, I'm really excited to be a part of this group. I absolutely love to crochet and I want to continue being a life long learner of this fantastic art. I've been crocheting since age 7 and I've been teaching a crochet group at my church for the past 6 years. As well, I've enjoyed creating crochet pieces (home accessories and apparel) through my small business. I'm particularly interested in learning more techniques, trends, patterns and becoming a pattern teste
  4. Maggie Lamb

    Sweater Dusters

    Hooded and non-hooded sleeveless dusters
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