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    I love anything crafty, especially crochet.
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    Lancashire, United Kingdom
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    Reading, crafts, creative writing.
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    Since June 2017
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    Gloves, scarves, decorative things
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  1. ZPenney91

    Baby Cardigan

    Thankyou Granny Square, I'll definitely check those patterns out ☺
  2. ZPenney91

    Baby Cardigan

    Thankyou both very much, I'll be sure to take a look 😊
  3. ZPenney91

    Baby Cardigan

    My friend is pregnant and I'm thinking of making her a cardigan for when the baby is born. It'll be my first attempt at a cardigan and I'm wondering if anyone has a simple pattern for one. Any help would be massively appreciated! ☺
  4. ZPenney91


    I'm Zara and from Lancashire in the UK. My mum taught me to crochet when I was younger and I've recently started up again. I'm really enjoying it so far, and would love to learn new patterns!