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  1. Yes has anyone ever done this afghan before. It's a step by step pdf guide that's downloadable but every time I tried do the pattern. I get stitching mistakes like too many or too less of a stitch count. Can anyone explain to me why I have trouble with this.
  2. Schalmake

    Help me out

    Yes I got a blanket kit in the mail and the pattern is called the natalia round afghan. I looked at the pattern and it says nothing about the usage of 2 yarn balls or 1 to start with. I got confused. I got the Afghan kit from herschners so I need help with the understanding of the pattern. Sent 2 photos to see if guys and gals can figure it out for me. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone ever met the person who did the world's largest crochet square. Cause it hasn't been broken since the record was made in 2016. And I'm a professional crocheter.
  4. Hello. I'm trying to find a baby Afghan for my soon to be born 2nd cousin. And she's due to arrive on Valentine's day 2018. Which pattern would be loved by the mom and dad and the baby herself. Like lacy type or circular crochet type blanket?? So what's everyone's thought of mind. Thanks.
  5. Ok thank you. The type of red heart yarn is the jumbo super saver light blue, orange, bright yellow and cherry red. And my tendons aren't tight but loose and how much I work on it quite a bit.
  6. Hello. I was wondering how many rounds in a giant granny square for a queen size blanket. I'm using a k size hook and red heart yarn.
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