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  1. i didn't see the completed project but now after asking for help I think I am going to abandon this pattern. It's just too vague in the instructions (or I'm too dumb) Anyways I found another pattern which is done in the Granite/Moss stitch and is approx the same length and alot easier! I have looked all over for pictures of the sts but nothing and I haven't heard from Belinda Carter. Actually she doesn't even acknowledge this pattern on any sites. The book is actually called Chain-Free Crochet Made Easy and is done in worsted weight yarn. I'm wondering if she changed the pattern to DK yarn becaue that's what Ravelry says it's done I really appreciate your helping me. And hopefully I can get the next one done with no hitches. Now I'm off the shovel snow! YUCK! Thank You Again
  2. Thank You! Maybe I can just do a FSC and start the body and add the lace after? It sounds a whole lot easier than what the pattern calls for. Thank you and I hope I didn't make you loose any brain cells.
  3. Yes you have the correct book and picture. I will check the back of the book and see if that helps. I have done a single crochet foundation but if the Foundation row is to be all the stuff in brackets then I am lost Yes I am on Ravelery! Love that site! I might try contacting Belinda Carter and see what I get
  4. The pattern is from the book Chain-Free Crochet Made Easy and it's the Lacy Lavender Coat. I love the look of it but man the instructions are confusing
  5. The following instructions have me very confused and I'm not sure what exactly I am supposed to do: Row 1: (WS) Work sc foundation [ch 3, yo 3 times. Insert hook in base ch of last st (2 lps below hook), yo, draw through, (yo, draw through 2 lps on hook) 3 times (3 foundation chs), yo, draw through 1 lp on hook, (creates base chain), yo, draw through 2 lps on hook (sc st) 30 times]. Turn Row 2 (RS) Ch 1, sc, *work 3 foundation ch group below for next 3 stitches, ch 1, sk first foundation ch, with hook in front of ch 3 lp, dc in next foundation ch, ch 1, sk last foundation ch, sc in next sc, rep from * accross turn My question is for Row 1: do I do a single crochet foundation or do I do the confusing stitches? Row 2: has totally lost me Any help would be greatley appreciaated. Otherwise I will have to find a different pattern
  6. Wow! I finally found a fun place that has so much help and so many crocheters! I am a self-taught crocheter. My mother was a beautiful crocheter but she didn't have the patience to teach me. I love crochet and from time to time run into a problem with understanding the instructions so hopefully I can get the guidance I need? Looking forward to learning more
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