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  1. Mom 2 Mares

    Yarn vomit

    I started working on an afghan this weekend, and have had difficulty with all of the skeins of yarn. I go to find the beginning and it's so hidden, I can't. By the time I do find it, I've got so much yarn out (and it tangles easily) that I cannot do anything but wind into a ball. What else can I do?
  2. Which do you pick first - a yarn or a pattern?
  3. Mom 2 Mares

    Organizing WIP

    How do you organize your works in progress? My SIL gave me an Art Bin Yarn Drum, and I'm looking forward to trying it.
  4. Mom 2 Mares

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to say Hi! My name is Diana, and I'm from Kansas. My grandmothers both crocheted when I was little and tried to teach me, but it didn't stick. I decided to learn as an adult when I wanted to crochet fly bonnets for my horses. That didn't work out, but I still enjoy the craft.