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    Avid Cruiser with 5 cruises completed so far. Nomad by nature, never really settling anywhere for longer than 5 years. Multiple cross country moves in the USA and Canada.
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    Traveling, crocheting, painting
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    Cake decorator/ Bookkeeper
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    July 2017
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  1. I bet you're right about crocheting so much for so long The scarves I tend to do over 2 sittings in the evening. There really isn't a rush to getting them done as the ones I am making now are going to kids/families in the community that need them. It may just be a little OCD and the feeling that I know if I just put in the extra hour (or 2) that I can finish this and I'm on to the next one.
  2. Hi there, My grip is more like the overhand saber, my hooks have the indent/thumb rest and my thumb is on ones side with my index (right hand) on the other. I haven't played around with other variations of holding the hook. It's just what felt natural to me.
  3. My left hand is my yarn-tensioning hand. I'm taking the advice and giving my fingers a break. More breaks are needed for sure It was made obvious when I continued my project and realized the hook was making contact in the same spot when I'm working the yarn through. It's a light touch from the hook, but 1000's of light pokes in the same spot will result in a bruised finger tip.
  4. Hello everyone, I've starting crocheting in mid July of this year thanks to a great instructional video that I was able to follow. I learned to make 16 x 16 squares for practice and ended up making my first blanket with them. Since then I have made a second blanket and a bunch of scarves in the last 4 months. Over the last 2 days, I have noticed something concerning and was wondering in anyone else has experienced this. The tip of my index finger (left) started to bruise/swell with slight tenderness but still bends. The bruising has progressed to the knuckle and the swelling comes/goes. I realized that the area affected is the same area that the hook repeatedly makes contact with the inner left index finger, which would explain the bruise there. Are there any tips or accessories that might help to keep me from having a constant bruises/swollen finger tip. Yes, I have been applying an ice pack and have put my latest project on hold. Meanwhile, here are some of my finished projects.
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