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    graphghan help

    Thank you for you response and help Granny Square ☺ One more question. If I use a 5mm H hook or smaller and sc would it look less pixelated (after cleaning up) I was using a 5.5mm hook and hdc.
  2. drea82

    graphghan help

    hello everyone, I am starting a grahghan and need some help. I have found out how to make a swatch and figure out my guage but i am having problems with the picture i want to use. i have tried to use knitpro but no matter what i do the picture is very blurry. so then i tried stitch fiddle and the picture seems to big and very pix-elated. below is the picture that i would like to use. The throw measurements are 48x48. using my swatch 4sts= 1in. i figured i need 192 boxes to gain the width that i would like.So on top of all that i could also use some advise on how to figure out the height a
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