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  1. Malleus

    My Hats Look Like Mushrooms

    Thanks folks!
  2. Malleus

    My Hats Look Like Mushrooms

    Mostly I don't like that the hat isn't very form fitting. In the pattern photo it seems to fit very closely, mine seems to bulge at the top like a mushroom.
  3. Malleus

    My Hats Look Like Mushrooms

    Thanks for the replies, sorry for the delay but, I’ve been out in the woods. So the pattern I used is from here https://www.elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns.com/work-or-play-beanie/ and a picture of my beanie is attached. I tend to mark the first stitch then every 10th stitch to keep me in track. But, this is my 4th creation so I’m very much a neophyte & sure I botched it up somewhere.
  4. Malleus

    Greetings fron the Old Dominion

    Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Just a guy from Virginia here. About a year ago I wanted a new hat for hunting & decided to learn to crochet one (thank goodness for YouTube). Well, I was hooked (no pun intended). I am absolutely a neophyte & am looking forward to learning from the collective wisdom on this board!
  6. Hi all, I enjoy making hats for people but it seems that whenever I make a beanie that doesn't have a pompom on top, they end up looking like mushroom heads. I assume it's something to do with my stitch counts but I'm following the instructions & the photos all look like nice tight fitting beanies. Any suggestions would be appreciates.