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  1. Hello to All, I am a beginner, however I've picked up the basics pretty quickly. I've completed my first scarf, and now I'm starting on a beginner pattern for a blanket. I would like to make it for my mom, but the pattern says finished size is 29" 38". Seems pretty small to me, maybe for a toddler. I'd like to double it. The pattern starts with ch 101, then dc in 5th ch from hook, skip 2 ch, v-stitch (repeat for the rest of the row) and, well basically the whole blanket, changing color every so often for stripes. Can I simply double the chain count and go from there? Thought I would ask before I spend an hour stitching to figure it out. Thanks in advance. Deb B.
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    Hello everyone! I am a beginner and just finished my first simple scarf. For as long as I can remember my mom has created afghans for nearly everyone in our family, as well as pillow dolls and the like. The catch, she's left handed and I am right handed. It took me a few hours to figure out the basics because I had it all backwards in my head. Now that I've got the basics down, I'm on to a bigger project. A v-stich blanket for my mum. Glad to have stumbled upon this forum, I have plenty of questions! Deb B.
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