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  1. Hello Terri, Hello PinkGlitter, thank you for your welcome!
  2. A lot of them are unplying! I'm afraid I'll really end up with short fringes. Moreover not all the crochets will have the same lenght! Thank you very much for your help, but I'll give them to someone experienced.
  3. Thank you for your advice USPolishgirl! If it wouldn't so important to restore those crochets to their original condition, I would've tried your suggestion first. I must absolutely have them repaired.
  4. Hi, good idea to consult someone skilled before doing anything, thank you! The tutorial is great and it doesn't seem difficult but I'll decide after having shown the curtains to someone experienced. I can't afford to make other mistakes! Any suggestions on how to choose the correct color of the thread?
  5. Unluckily the frizzy look isn't an option... my husband wouldn't be happy at all. I'd like to have them repaired, so option 2! Is it easy to do? I have no experience at all. Maybe it's better to handle them to someone skilled. Moreover they are a bit yellowed (but they were already so when I get them out of the wardrobe). I'm wondering if it's important to make them white again before choosing the thread?
  6. Hi Granny Square, yes, they seem to be as the ones in the link. I attached a couple of pictures to show you what they are and what is their condition. It's a crochet that I already disentangled. The thread of the fringes looks ruffled. What can I do? Thank you very much for your reply and thank you all for your welcome!
  7. Hello I'm a housewife of 44 years and I'm desperately seeking help! I don't have any experience with crochet honestly, but recently I had to wash some crochets of my grandmother. I put them in the washing machine with the other curtains and now all the fringes are tangled and ruined (and I did use a bag saving lingerie)! Is there a way to fix them? Now I'm patiently disentangling all the fringes (a nightmare), hoping that some fabric softener can solve the problem. Am I doing another mistake? Thank you very much for any reply!
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