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    Ear warmers, scarves, and flowers
  1. Thank you! I like the ribbing effect the back loop stitch gave them, but didn’t know about the stretch factor!
  2. Thanks for the link and comments! I was using an H hook as advised by the tutorial I was following below. Perhaps I will try with a smaller hook just to see how it goes.
  3. Hi! I'm new to crochet and was excited to find some black and hot pink yarn in the clearance area at Michael's - just the colors I needed. I made one of the fingerless gloves in my project and to mg dismay learned that the yarn stretched a lot. It's Craft Smart 100% acrylic. Any tips on what to make with a yarn like this? I'm frustrated that my glove was a waste of time and when I asked about "worsted weight" at Michael's, no one knew what I needed, I don't see that info on the label. With so many different brands and yarns, how do I know what to use for what project? Thanks every
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