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  1. Thank you, my dependable Granny Square! I've done back bump before, but it is difficult, and wasn't mentioned. I'll probably be back with more pattern help. Thanks! XO
  2. Hi! I can't give up on this--I've invested too much time! Others have tried and failed this pattern and I want to see if anyone can do these legs. (Attached are two different styles I've found online.) I would be grateful to get a good pattern for either version! Here is the one pattern I've found with a clarification at the end. I get stuck at #4. I end up on the back of the chain and can't DC from there. Here is what the pattern author wrote: Chain 35 In 4th chain from the hook place 3DC. Chain 6 (I added a TURN here) and slip stitch in the same stitch. Slip stitch over to t
  3. Well, after spending hours on this last night, I'm afraid this project is a no-go. :-( Despite using white yarn and permanent marker on loops, I just can't find the stitches. I did learn one thing, [ ] and ( ) are both called brackets now. The "round brackets" used to be called parenthesis, so the directions didn't make sense since both brackets were used and not differentiated. What is the point of learning in school if everything is changed later?! Thanks again, GS!
  4. I can always count on you, Granny Square! Yes, small. Luv you! I'll probably have questions later.
  5. Hi, again! Hey, Granny Square! I purchased this new pattern: https://www.etsy.com/listing/271637368/pint-size-pumps-baby-high-heels-baby It seems ridiculously simple, but I can't get past the first row in the shoe sole section. Here's how it goes--first issue in red: SOLE With 3.5 mm hook and yarn color of sole, Ch 7 (9) Round 1: 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 4 (6), 7 hdc in last ch. (working around end to other side of work), sc 4 (6), 2 sc in last. Join with sl st, ch 1 (19, 23 sts) After I sc 4, there is no last chain left for 2 sc. And for further complication, where do
  6. I'm terribly sorry I may have been unclear. I think I've been asking the wrong questions. Is there an easy-to-make crochet shawl out there that will cover my mom's arms to her wrists while worn backward when sitting in a wheelchair? And it can be tucked in behind her and doesn't come too far up her neck? Sorry, my mom is extremely high maintenance and has to have things just so. It's exhausting. The Ruana seems like there will be too much material? More like a blanket? There's an idea--cut up a blanket!
  7. So, the Ruana is beautiful but seems way too complicated for me. Frankly, I don't understand much of what you're saying, GS. :-( Starting with your 1), what does "make ring, make 12 DC into ring" mean? :-/
  8. Thanks SOOOOO much, GS!!!! It's going to take me awhile to grasp & digest everything you've said, but can't thank you enough. You're an angel for spending so much time on me!
  9. But I don't want anything intricate or doily or fancy pattern like this one. She just wants warmth...and color black.
  10. GS, I'm so frustrated. I made two great shawls, but neither work for her. This photo of her current shawl works because it covers her entire arms while worn backward and the sides tucked in behind her back. All is not lost, though, because there are other beneficiaries.
  11. Once again trying to find the right-fitting shawl for my Mom. What is the general shape of this one called? Ignore the "petals"--just the general shape.
  12. No doubt, GS! LOL! Yes, the button is the selling point. I still need to make some adjustments. :-)
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