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  1. I followed Redrosesdz's instructions and made another coaster. It's much neater this time! Thanks Redrosesdz!
  2. Hi all, thank you for the support and kind words!
  3. Hi Granny Square, that sounds a bit too complex for me right now but I appreciate your help! I think it will just take me a lot more practice for the concept to sink in; like you say, practice makes perfect! Great to have experienced crocheters look at my work!
  4. Hi Granny Square! Good eye! You're right, I was using only the back loop, mostly for being lazy (to me it is slightly easier to use one loop than inserting the hook under both loops). I did end up liking the result; if I flip the coaster over, it looks completely different, and less interesting, I think. I believe using both loops will result in the front and back looking the same, is that so?
  5. Hi Redrosesdz, thanks so much for the tips! Yes, I wasn't using a marker. I'll use a safety pin next time since I have a bunch. I'm thinking of crocheting some small flowers next, then I don't have to worry about keeping the work flat. Still, I'm starting to appreciate the importance of following a pattern closely rather than crocheting willy-nilly.
  6. It's my first "useful" piece (the other one is an incomplete scarf) and it was completed rather quickly in comparison. I thought I would share a photo even if the coaster is far from perfect. Impatience beat perfectionism, and I think I won't care about the uneven stitches when there's a mug is on top of it. I used a 5 mm hook and cotton thread. The pattern is to single crochet the chain below, then do two single crochets on the next chain, and repeat, 1, 2, 1, 2 etc. I broke this pattern several times because the uneven stitches below wouldn't line up with the active yarn. And it looks like the errors compounded. Hope that made some sense.
  7. Really happy to have found this wonderful community and looking forward to participating here! My name is Heitor ("Hector" in Portuguese), am in my 30s and live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I saw a news article about a 12-year-old, Junior Crocheteiro, who got his crochet Facebook page shut down for being under 13 years old, and from watching some of his videos I became interested in trying it myself. Despite working very slowly and unevenly I find crochet a very relaxing pastime!
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