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  1. Thank you. I'll certainly let you know about the end result when I get there
  2. That would make sense and was my gut feeling - I had tried this and liked to finish it gave so I think I'll go with this one. I lack confidence as a beginner so it's been great to have such swift and helpful responses. Very grateful ☺️
  3. Wow your responses are brilliant! Thank you so much for your time and care!! Yes Magicrochetfan - that link is exactly the project I'm doing. Redrosesdz the idea of sc into middle of scallop would make much more sense but the diagram only show sc on row 3 into the chain of 3 on row 2!
  4. Pattern is in a book published by Search Press. Title 'Great new ways with granny squares by Rosa P. The pattern is only given in symbols so I can't type it in afraid
  5. Hoping for some advice/confirmation. Im making a patchwork throw as first project. I've made all the squares and joined then together, edging with 6 rows of relief double as instructed. There are then 3 rows of edging Row 1 is a pattern if single crochet into relief double followed by a 'scallop' of 2 doubles one chain 2 doubles one chain 2 doubles into next 3 relief double. This pattern is then repeated. I'm ok with this row. Row 2 shows double crochet one chain double crochet into single crochet of previous row then chain 3 which sits over the 'scallop' of previous row. This doesn't seem right as it creates a big loop over the 'scallop'. Row 3 is row 1 repeated with single crochet worked into 2nd stitch of chain from row 2. Double crochet 'scallop' is worked into chain between double crochet (v stitch?) of row 2. When complete there seems to be a big gap between 'scallop' of Row 1 and the 2 rows that are worked above it. Is this right?
  6. Hoping someone can advise me - this is my first ever project and I'm not sure about an element of the edging pattern. 1st row of pattern is double crochet scallop and single crochet every third stitch. This is fine and I've completed this row. The third and final row mirrors this pattern. However, on 2nd row the pattern is double crochet, single chain, double crochet into the previous single crochet stitch of row 1 with 3 chain stitches over the double crochet scallop of Row 1. My question is: should the chain be worked into the scallop as it doesn't seem right when it isn't, and it looks even worse when the 3rd row is worked into this chain. Can anyone help?
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