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  1. Brandnewgranny

    Hi everyone! New to crochet and baffled by an abbreviation

    Thank you so much! I knew it had to be "something - off". Will follow your suggestion on the amigurumi tips.
  2. As my public name suggests, I welcomed my first grandchild in September! I have made some baby afghans, a hat, and a sweater. I'm trying to do an Amigurumi pattern now, and there is an abbreviation that has me puzzled. What does F/O mean? Context: Doing a foot in the round, and by round 17 the stitches have decreased to 6. Then it says "F/O and leave a long tail for closing the 6 stitch opening and attach foot to leg". Same thing for leg: Toward the end, when it's down to 12 sc, it says "F/O the first leg and leave a long enough tail to sew the 2 legs together." Any help greatly appreciated!