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  1. Havenp

    Pattern sizing help!!

    Wow!! Thanks! Ill run them by him and see if he likes them
  2. Havenp

    Pattern sizing help!!

    And it seems i cant read patterns for the life of me hahah im more of a visual person so the patterns get my head all jumbled
  3. Havenp

    Pattern sizing help!!

    OH dang ill have to find something else i guess thanks tho This was the video but i ended up stopping before the boot part was made. SO they ended up looking like the picture I attached
  4. Hi!! I need help! I found a slipper sock pattern that i love. I made some for my daughter whose 18 months.. my problem is my husband liked them too.. how do i make something almost triple the size?? Like is there a formula or do i just kinda wing it? Hes got huge feet and all the patterns ive found for mens slippers we dont like.