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  1. All turned out great! Can't thank you all enough.... And i even managed to work out colour changing and stranding too! I am making a crochet Jack Rabbit by Emma Varnam... super cute but phew, what a steep learning curve!
  2. Ah thanks soooo much for replying! I think I understand what you mean but where does the bit in brackets fit in? xActually i have re-read this and now i think i get it!
  3. I am hoping that someone out here can give me the right nudge I need to get past a bit a of a stuck place I am in! The pattern reads like so... "1 ch, sl st across 3 sts, (sl st, 1 ch, 1 dc) in next st, 18 dc, turn. start with 25 stitches end with 19! Help anyone? xxx
  4. Hiya,,, i am a bit new to crochet... started a few months ago with quite an ambitious project for my baby who is now nearly 11 months old... so I neeed a bit more advice and support than I can find on the interwebs and on youtube... so here I am. I hope that this forum will continue to be a great place even when I can crochet without looking
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