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  1. PLAYFUL & GLAMOROUS: Bubblegum Pink & Bright Red. SOPHISTICATED & UNDERSTATED: Dusty Pink & Burgundy. CALM & SOOTHING: Light Pink & Subtle Gray. HAPPY & CONFIDENT: Blush Pink & Black. MODERN & PRETTY: Salmon Pink & Teal. FRESH & FUN: Rosy Pink & Orange. WARM & WELCOMING: Neutral Pink & Mint.
  2. Ok, so im crocheting this pink unicorn, and i really hate the way the neck came out! Dont make it like that then! I know right lmao!!! But what I am asking of you crochet gods and goddesses is, is there a way to fix it? I had a thought on hiding it by way of adding purple around the neck and on some of the body but I dont know how to make anything that will wrap around the neck and the body like that?!?!?!?!?!?!?! there are a few pics attached what i drew ws my idea of what I had on mind to hide the ugliness!!! sorry in advance im just trying to learn from my mistakes and trying to
  3. Start of right jumper leg hole. Rnd 10: sc 18 times. (18) Continue on 1st sc on Rnd 10. Rnd 11-12: sc around. (18) F/O and weave in the remaining yarn. above is exactly what it says i dont get what the bolded text means please help thanks!!!!!
  4. the heart was my own touch to it i mean i added the heart from a heart pattern but it came out pretty good!
  5. Not bad for my first thing Ive ever crocheted!
  6. will do! thanks again for all the help!
  7. i appreciate that a lot with that help I am now off to the races! i was stuck on these eyes forever with that now I have 2 eyes and over half of the head of the panda I am making Thanks a bunch and i will be reading the information in that link
  8. Ok so I am getting the hang of this whole crocheting thing well I get the how to do many stitches down. But I am having a problem with reading patterns and I cant find an example explained that is like the one I'm following. Rnd 2: 1 ch, starting at same stitch 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 2 dc, 2dc, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, 1 sc in next sc So ok how my non crocheter mind wants to read this is 1ch, 2sc, 2 hdc, 6dc, 2 hdc, 1 sc, 1sc increase does that make sense? to me it makes more sense to put the totals 6dc, insted of 2dc, 2dc, 2dc Why is something so simple so confusing t
  9. Hello everyone my name is Steve, Please excuse the Joe Dirt reference in the title of this forum, but oddly enough it hold its weight with me as far as crocheting goes. I am totally green. I want to apologize now for some of the newbie questions I may be asking I will how ever use asking here as a last resort due to not wanting to be a pest and I am a hard headed person as far as earning goes I like to do things on my own even if it takes me 763548432659243 times to do it. It is only at shear desperation and loss of to much hair to I reach out. Thanks for all the help in advance and im so
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