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  1. Thanks for the suggestions @lhendrix35 and @Tampa Doll. I'll give both of those ideas a try. Although I'm not quite sure how to use the embroidery thread without undoing the entire skein and then trying to separate the individual threads. I tried the DMC Perle size 12 but think it is still too big. Thanks again! Erica
  2. Thanks @grannysquare. I had read it was too fragile and would break while crocheting, but for my purposes it will not be "played" with after completion. It will only be used for the adult dollhouse. I'll give it a try as I have lots on hand from my old cross stitch projects. That means I'll need an even smaller crochet hook... oh, my old eyes. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, I'm newly returned to crochet after 40 years. I'm working on a dollhouse project and some miniatures. I wanted to crochet the mom a nice shawl and the baby a blanket, plus some floor rugs. I'm having trouble deciding on the thread and hook. My dollhouse is smaller than the usual 1:12 scale and is instead the 1:24 scale (1/2" = 1'). I've tried some small Perle Cotton (sz 8) with a 1mm hook, and even though the thread is soft, it appears too big for my scale. I had some sz 20 Tatting thread on hand and tried it using the 1mm hook but the thread basically is too stiff,
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