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  1. sodaceratops

    Know of any cheaper alternatives to malabrigo yarn?

    Malabrigo lace apricot and periwinkle. I'm looking for a sport weight and fingering. I particularly like how their colours are like water colours, not fully solid but more cloudy. I need a periwinkle and peach colour. Other than that, I just love the look of their colours (specifically the water colour effect).
  2. I'm hoping some of you may know some cheaper alternatives to malabrigo yarn? I love all the colours they offer but I don't like the price tag. I'm looking for a natural fiber, not acrylic or polyester or anything like that.
  3. sodaceratops

    Need help changing colours

    Hi everyone! I'm in the middle of making a skirted sweater/jacket without a pattern. I'm very new to crocheting, only started about a week ago so I've run into a bit of trouble with switching the colours. I want the skirt part of the sweater to have a different colour in a tapered, triangle shape. The issue I'm having is that I'm crocheting horizontally and I want the colour to go down vertically. So the first row with a colour change, I only want one or two double crochet to be a different colour, and the next row 3 or 5 stitches would be different and so on, going into a taper. So what would be the best way to execute the colour change? I tried to upload a quick picture I drew of what I'm talking about but it wouldn't upload so here a quick diagram... ........./.../0\............/0\...\ ...../.../0000\......./0000\...\ ./.../0000000\../0000000\...\ The 0's would be the colour change.
  4. sodaceratops

    Can anyone help me find this (colour) yarn??

    Awesome advice folks! I didn't realize that you could see the projects on ravelry, you just need an account (I hate making accounts). Anyhow, I contacted the lady who made the pattern and asked her if she knew what yarn was used because I still couldn't find the specific photo under projects. I've been using the yarn that she said it was but it clearly isn't the right colour. I'll post a photo of how it's coming along. The colour is way off so I'm kind of sad about it. I definitely don't think it's something I'll ever wear because it's too colourful. Any suggestions on what I can turn it into would be great? I would've taken up crocheting had I known how easy it was. Knitting was a real pain in my arse when I tried it once when I was 12, took me 2 years to knit a scarf. But I've only been working on this project for a few hours and it's gotten pretty big.
  5. sodaceratops

    Fresh crochet hands

    I've never posted in a forum of any sort and I've never crocheted anything before. I joined this site to see if anyone knows this specific yarn(s) that I saw in a picture. So if you'd like to assist me in my dire search for yarn, please check out my post. I've been searching for these colours for days. I've google searched the image to try to find the original owner/creator but have come up shorthanded. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I've never crocheted anything before but I recently saw a photo of a crocheted vest that I'd like to make. The problem is that I can't seem to find the colour yarn that is the same as the picture. I can't tell if it's a bunch of single coloured or multi coloured yarns. I really don't know anything about yarn. I have no idea how much a skein even makes. If you recognize these colours or have some suggestions to make a similar looking end product, please let me know. I really love the bits of yellow throughout the vest. Also, the pattern I purchased suggests 65g yarn, is that something that's important? If I can't find exactly 65g is it going to drastically effect the end product?