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  1. Thank you so much, I must admit I have undone and started all over again but I am getting to understand a lot better now. Yes YouTube is a great help and I will use a different colour wool as a marker thanks for the tip!
  2. I know this is mainly a US site and I'm in the UK, but everyone is so friendly!!
  3. Well it has taken a lot of You Tube and a lot of starting and stopping but I got to do a magic ring, crochet 6 stitches and closed the ring ok! What I would like to know is that my pattern says crochet 2dc in each stitch. I find this really difficult, I cant seem to find the stitch again (maybe it's too tight?). Is it really necessary to crochet in dc as I find, at the moment I can manage single easier!! I am just working on a test piece before I start the actual toy.
  4. Hi there good to meet you!
  5. Hi everyone thanks for the lovely warm welcome great to meet you all. Thank you for the tips and links will definetly take a look.
  6. Iam very much a beginner in crochet and determined to teach myself. I have picked up a pattern that said it is ideal for beginners which is a cute reindeer head. I have to make a magic ring which I have looked up and think I understand, I have to work 6dc into the ring. But what confuses me is that the instructions read as follows; Rnds 1-2 2dc in each stitch to end 24 sts I understand dc is double crochet but what is the 2dc? Grateful for any help
  7. Hi there I'am new to this forum and VERY new to crochet. I have just become a nan with a dear little grandson and would very much like to crochet some small toys for him. I have already reached a halt so practice, practice, practice I think!! I live in Malvern Worcestershhire UK.