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  1. I was thinking they might lend themselves to a tetris like afghan.
  2. Thank you! The hood was a nice challenge. Thanks for the help. Had my techy part of the brain been working yesterday, I'd have thought about looking for advanced settings. It wasn't a good posting day overall - lots of mistakes. :s
  3. I saw a picture and then Googled for it. I used the picture on Tinas Crochet page to make sure the hexagons were supposed to be wobbly. But asl the poster below said, there are different variations. I've seen a ruffled and solid version. I have also seen a finished adult size.
  4. Not overly hard. Getting the right size was tricky though. Had no one to try it on as I went, so I had to wing it.
  5. I stumbled across a picture of one of these the other day, and decided to use up some left over yarns to make a tropical colored one. I added a hood to see if I could. I loved that so much that I then made the rainbow one. The tropical one was done in 8 ply yarn, 4mm hook and fits, roughly 6-12 months. Dimensions are: sleeves – edge to edge = 20″/50cm, sleeve depth = 5″/13cm. Body – width = 10″/25cm, body length = 11.5″/30cm The rainbow, was 8ply yarn, and a 4.5mm hook, I'd guesstimate this will fit 2-4 yrs. Dimensions are: body length – 14″/36cm, width – 12″/31cm. Sleeves, side to side – 26″/67cm, depth, 6"/15cm. The sleeves are left as is, coz I figure that it will be far easier to add cuffs than remove. I like to think that makes these customisable. ugh, cant figure out how to remove the blanket..oh well.
  6. I finally finished my Blue Totoro after watching the movie for the first time and seeing how cute he was. He was started like, a year ago. His finished height, including ears is about 12 inches. Then I decided he needed his little white friend to tag along behind him. This one ended up 6 inches. I can't give out any pattern information due to Crochetville's trademark/copyright guidelines. This applies to posts, private messages, and email to other members.
  7. Start with Darski's Ripple Me This pattern. My Row 2 is a little different: Row 2: ch3, dc in same st, *ch1, dc in previous ch1sp below, dc in next 4, 3dc dec, dc in 4, dc in ch1sp, ch1, # shell in shell, ** Repeat from * to ** N times, Ending at # 2dc in turning chain. Repeat row 2 *~*~*~ The 3dc dec is over the last of the 5dc run, the previous decrease and the first of the next 5dc run. HTH
  8. There is something happening with Wordpress this morning. Not sure if its just *my* blog, or all over. I hope no one has deleted it like the last one! Try again later maybe?
  9. thanks! I thought I was going to have a hard time finding 'enough' in those shades just floating around the house, but I found more than I needed. I'm thinking of making another one in purples or yellows...not that I need ANY more baby blankets!!
  10. thank you. I like them too.
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