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  1. I have been working on this shawl pattern for a while. I am following a You Tube tutorial. The edging has me stumped. It's Double Treble shells. So, there is a cluster of 6 double treble in one space with a chain 1 btwn the double trebles. After the 6 double trebles, chain 1 skip 1 space and single crochet. Chain 1, and start the Double Treble. Well, the first Double Treble ALWAYS results in a loose stitch between the single crochet and the 1st Dbl Tr. On my last pull through - I have this gap or extra length of yarn between the last two loops on the hook. It is so frustrating, because it does not happen at ALL when doing the rest of the shell. I need to mention that I am left handed and have never properly learned to hold the yard in my right hand. Here is a pic, and I can also include a link to the You Tube tutorial. You would have to go almost to the end of the video, as it is the 2nd round of edging. I must have tried this first dbl tr of the shell at least a hundred times. My stomach is in knots because of this!! UGH!!!
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