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    I live in Northern Indiana with my husband, our amazing son and my fur baby Mr. Kit Kit. We live next to a gorgeous covered bridge with a river running through our back yard. I work in the kitchen at the elementary school and love it!
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    Crocheting, knitting, painting, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing
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    Elementary school cook
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    Learned when I was very young, but really took it up in 2001
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  1. TheRusticHook

    Hi Everyone

    Hello from northern Indiana!
  2. TheRusticHook

    Pumpkin Express

    I love this...it looks fantastic!
  3. TheRusticHook

    Hello fellow crocheters

    Hello from northern Indiana!
  4. TheRusticHook

    Hi D Ho Folks

    Hello from northern Indiana! This really is a great group and is wonderful at helping out when needed!
  5. TheRusticHook

    A Jar of Cloths

    Such a great idea..Very nice
  6. TheRusticHook

    Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl-Vest

    What a great idea..I love this!
  7. TheRusticHook

    Dual Handled Recycled Tote

    I really like this! I have never crocheted with bags, have thought about it but never have. Is it difficult in any way? Just always wondered about whether the bags were stiff and not as easy to work with.
  8. TheRusticHook

    Double Crochet problem

    I agree, it's very easy to lose count in the round. I have always used bobby pins where I need to keep track of my rounds/stitches. Good luck, and YouTube videos are great if you get stuck.
  9. TheRusticHook

    I'm the Carolina hooker!

    Hello from northern Indiana!
  10. TheRusticHook

    introducing myself

    Hello from northern Indiana!
  11. That little sweater! This is all so lovely!
  12. TheRusticHook


    Hello from northern Indiana!
  13. TheRusticHook

    newbie here

    Hello from northern Indiana!
  14. TheRusticHook

    Just Joined

    Hello from northern Indiana!