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    Wife to Craig, mom of 3 sons (2 chefs & a teen). California native living on the coast of Virginia.
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    Buckroe Beach, VA
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    Crochet, reading, hanging out with my family on the beach, baking, learning to sew!
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    Trophy Wife (ha!)
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    Round Ripples
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    Since 2006
  1. So glad to hear that! Hubby is on the mend, I actually slept, but my 17yo text me to say he feels "it" coming on... Beautiful day here in Southeastern VA, some around the office are complaining it's hot but it feels just right to me. Love reading & catching up on everyone's posts around here.
  2. Hi Everyone <---that's me, only I'm at work & have managed to make it until now which is lunch time...hoping for smooth sailing to 5pm so I can go home & rest. Attempted to sleep on the couch last night because the hubbo is sick & had crashed in the center of the bed. I didn't really want his cooties anyways. I never did actually sleep thanks to a horrible headache that found its way down my neck & shoulders. I thought about taking some left over pain meds from the dentist but was afraid I'd oversleep. Pssh. I wish! I was awake when the alarm went off & since I didn't s
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome:hug! I definitely need to take the advice of jotting down names so I can keep track as I learn who everyone is. Have a great day all of ya!
  4. Cindy - I have a wonderful Singer which works wonderfully for me, just wish it monogrammed/embroidered. I did learn that after buying a new machine, a used (pre-loved) machine works just as well, sometimes better. Linda - yay, another sewer!! So nice to "meet" all of you & have things in common!
  5. FOUR...AND a serger!!! I'm green with envy:h5
  6. Good Morning Ladies ~ Hoping you’ll entertain a newbie! Well, I’m not exactly a newbie…I’ve been a member since 2006, just been MIA these last few months - actually pretty much since the Winter Scarf Swap this past season. I learned to sew last year so a lot of my crochet time was turned into sewing-obsession time!! But crochet is just one of those loves that you can never really let go of & I’ve been playing with my yarn a little more these days. I’m a married mom of 3 – my oldest son is grown, my middle is about to graduate high school, & my youngest will be 12 this weekend. I w
  7. Like RoseRed & Shana, I also did the 50 Question survey http://sweetmamajones.blogspot.com/2009/05/50-fiddy-questions.html
  8. Updated blog - I've been crocheting with sock yarn meant for knitters...hehe
  9. I updated mine yesterday afternoon with a list of 25 Reasons Why I Love Crochet - something that was started by Laurie of the CLF.
  10. I am SO in on this! Thank you for starting a CAL!
  11. Your edge is great! It really adds flair, I will have to try this on my next one.
  12. One of these days I will learn to take more pics of my projects! I finished this RR awhile back but I am about to send it off to the little man I made it for. Warning: Objects in picture maybe appear larger than in real life! It's toddler size, blue and darker blue.
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