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  1. "Sturdy!" of course that's the right word! going to look up "potholder stitch" now. Not familiar with that one.
  2. I'm going to make some straps that will hold a yoga mat for carrying and also help the user achieve better positioning for yoga poses. I have some lovely flax and cotton yarn, but can't decide on a stitch. Do you have recommendations? The strap will be 1.5" wide and about 7 feet long. I could go along length or width. The strap must be firm; similar to what you'd want in a market bag so that it doesn't stretch much when you fill or carry it. I'm going for decorative, but not elaborate. Considering the spike stitch or daisy/star stitch. I'd love to know your thoughts
  3. Hello, Everyone! I've revived my yarn habit as well as changed my email address, so have a new Chrochetville account to celebrate. I learned to crochet when I was 10, and have recently learned to knit. I work outside my home, so it's not unusual that I have to take a hiatus from a project. That's maddening! Crochetville has always been one of my favorite crafty corners of the Web, so I'm looking forward to interacting again. Best wishes to all! Kimber
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