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  1. That does look very similar @magiccrochetfan, though I'm still unsure how the count gets that high. I think, for now, I'll go with @Granny Square's suggestion and try to go in the round. Thanks so much to you both!!
  2. Yes, back portion was complete with 28 stitches along the neckline for the collar.
  3. Thanks @magiccrochetfan! Not reading the guidelines -- n00b mistake! I've corrected now. I did think that maybe it was meant to go around. However, the pattern had me also stitch up 11 rows for the collar on the back. And I'm directed to do all the seaming as the last step. :\
  4. Oh and if it helps, this is what it should look like: http://www.todaystreasure.net/product/easy-crochet-sleeveless-turtleneck-pattern-leaflet-1133
  5. Hi everyone! I'm having some trouble understanding a pattern, and I hope someone can help me. I'm currently working on a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, but am stuck on making the collar. I'm reticent to post the whole pattern here, as I paid for it from someone's online shop, and I don't want to deprive their livelihood. The basic gist is this: I've made the front piece, with a neckline and shoulder. The neckline is 18 stitches across. However, when making the collar, the pattern states the following: "Attach yarn in top of shoulder at neck edge and work across 40 (44, 48) sts same as back, cut yarn." I am completely at a loss for how I get 40 stitches here. Am I supposed to increase with 2 in each? The general pattern is also to "Dc in back loop of sc, sc in front loop of dc" so I'm not even sure how doubling up on an alternating pattern works? Any help very much appreciated! Thank you Jessca
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