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  1. Can I offer my pattern for Free if you ever so kindly test it and make sure it is understandable and correct? Here it is, and I'll email the pattern. Experienced crocheters please. Intermediate knowledge. Thank YOu!!!! sharleneconley8@gmail.com
  2. Please check out my new etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SharleneConley
  3. Here's an update on all the packages I've received! Thanks to all who donated to my hospital, It was well apreciated and now our bin is overflowing, so I can't really take any more donations. THanks to: Carol M. Roberta G. Edvardsson:hug Ginger B. Elizabeth M. Lisa P. (thank's for sending me that picture of your nephew, He has really done well! and your hats were just fine!) Sammimog- thank you so much for the bookmark and washcloth, it was so beautiful! Oh, your hats were great too) Wimberley:hug P. Krekeler:hug Tracy J. Everyone's stuff was great! THank a bunch! If I have left anyone out, please let me know!
  4. I made this carrier for my toddler to carry around her baby dolls in.
  5. Yeah, thats what I meant.. Remind me not to go on that new tv show, "are you smarter than a Fifth grader":think
  6. Cool! I'm going to Statesboro tomorrow to Lowes! Glad to see you like GSU! I've gone there too! Love that school!
  7. More Updates: I have received these also so far: Angel's from KY Ada's Augenstein's C. Pulsifer from Canada. Few more tips: Those of you who like to end the round with a chain stitch, it is better to leave it off because it limits stretch-ability. I would give ya'll individual tips but my 19 month old decided to mix up all the hats from all the packages! I have noticied that a lot of the hats were a little on the too small size. Make sure that your hat is at least 4 1/2 inches radius (when you lay the hat flat, measure across at the bottom). and at least 4 inches tall. You all really did a great job on all the hats and booties! Remember that most babies in the NICN are almost 3 pounds or above. Check with Bev's size chart, it is really helpful. My husband is taking my computer for a checkup, cause it's crashed twice on me over the week. So, I hope to have pics up soon. UPDATED PICS:
  8. Here is whom I have received hats from so far: stgwife rebecca Jadyn05 Crews- what yarn did you use, I love it! blueat40 JoAnn D. Kelly A. momwifeof4boys KnicKnac Thanks to all of you! They all look great! WEll, I'm off to work again! (my 4th 12hour night this week!) Ah.
  9. Just to update ya'll. I've been working a lot lately, due to our high census, so I've been kinda scarce to the computer. Thanks, Sgfwife, your hats are beautiful. I got another package in too, but I can't remember who it is from at this very moment (i'm at work right now:devil ) I'm also gonna try to take some pictures of the babies with some of the donated hats on, so you can see how special they really are! I will try to get up to date with this by Sunday!
  10. How about a baby bottle cover? Your set looks cute!
  11. Thanks to Rebecca from PA, The hats look great! I will post pictures later this week! I'm sure I have more at the post office, I'll let ya'll know soon.
  12. http://www.carewear.org/ You can go to this website and do a search under the link to hospitals and see if your local hospital will take donations. There will be an address and phone number. Oops, nevermind that is just for the states.
  13. Special thanks to all of you! I will let you know when I get them. If you need my addy just PM or email me! I'm also going to take some to the other local hospitals. Sometimes they have preemies born there and then they have to be transferred to our hospital. I will post pics when I get it going!
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