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  1. Hello all! I've been crocheting for just over 2 years now and my focus has been mainly on blankets. I've recently started doing block letters as the focal point of the blankets (names, phrases, etc). The person I had doing my grids is no longer available & I have been searching the internet for an easy solution for DIY but I've not been successful. I'll admit I'm not the greatest at math equations when it comes to formulas for increasing the size of things. Does anyone here know of a good site for this? For example, I have a sample of grid letters that are 16x11 which would equate to the letter being 16 rows tall & 11 stitches wide. However, I need the letters to be at minimum 42 rows tall (& then however many stitches wide to make it look like whatever letter I'm creating... again, I'm not a math wiz lol) The grid maker I had was great because I could give her any word, tell her how big I wanted to make the blanket & she would email me a file which had the word on a grid. I called it a "paint by number" for crocheting because I could just count how many stitches to do of each color yarn on any given row & the results were spectacular. (Example attached) Surely someone here can point me in the right direction
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