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    I am a proud mother of three boys originally from the small island of Bermuda.
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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Cooking and baking, crochet, jewelry making, cross stitch, sewing, quilting, reading & surfing web.
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    Designer and Manufacturer
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  1. I've been doing pretty well with blogging regularly. :-) www.blogbyzula.com
  2. So glad you like the pattern. :-) Happy belated thanksgiving! :-)
  3. Took a blogging break, and am now back, crocheting and blogging when I can. :-) www.hobbyzuand.wordpress.com
  4. You're very welcome! Happy crocheting! :-)
  5. You're very welcome and thank you for your kind comments. :-) *hugs*
  6. Thanks for the great comments everyone! Happy crocheting!! :-)
  7. You're right! I just edited the pattern a bit to let everyone know where they can add an extra row if desired. :-)
  8. It looks great! :-) Definitely tweaking is in order. It's always good to make a pattern your own, because what works for one person may not work for another. :-)
  9. Spiked Rasta Tam Learn a new stitch and make a unique tam for your gorgeous dreads! This pattern has both the US and UK stitch versions included and is suitable for intermediate crochet skill level. It also includes a pattern for a peak to add to your tam if you wish. It uses DK weight yarn which is lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. If you'd like a heavier tam, than you can substitute with Aran weight yarn.
  10. Thanks so much, I'm happy to hear that!
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