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  1. That's mine too!
  2. I do both. I love to sit on the couch with my coffee, and I will do that if I'm crocheting in the morning. If it's over 2 hours though I move to my dresser. I can stand for hours and really don't mind it at all. I usually do that in the evenings, unless I've spent a lot of time on my feet all day then I'll sit. My husband has suggested I get a drafting table to stand at because I don't have much room on my dresser. I may end up doing that. If I'm making a large afghan then I definitely stand at the kitchen counter. I have a hard time sitting if I have something huge to work on. It's much easier for me to lay it out. My counter is kind of low though so it's not really comfortable, but to me it's better than sitting. I've recently started making all my afghans granny square style (usually very large squares), just so I can work on them without the cumbersome blanket attached!
  3. There's no right or wrong answer to this question, I don't care what anybody thinks. If a judge at the fair only allows knotted items to win because she/he missed the knots, then I'd say those knots are hidden enough to not make a difference. If I'm crocheting a tight stitch I'll weave, but if it's a loose stitch, I'll often tie a knot and put a tiny pinch of glue to hold that knot from ever coming apart. I've not had any issues. Far as using glue after weaving in ends, I will use that on occasion not because I'm afraid the ends will come out and unravel my piece, rather because the very end will sometimes pop out and then fray. It's a simple solution that works, and nobody should be told it's "wrong" or "right." This is crochet, not math or science.