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  1. Thank you...it is RoseReds 5 to 10 point Starburst pattern - it reminds me of sunshine and rainbows.
  2. I made this beautiful afghan for my niece, Sophia...she's due to arrive any day now!! This was such a fun pattern to do and so easy..I love using bright n cheery colors for babies
  3. I was on ravelry the other day looking at baby patterns (my newest niece is due to be here in July!) and I came across an adorable owl lovie/blanket buddy pattern...or so I thought. I even thought I 'favorited' it..it was a for purchase pattern, not a free one. Has anyone else seen it or was I dreaming the whole idea ? Thanks
  4. yes, thats the pattern. You can't see it real good in the pic but it goes out and in instead of being a straight line. I hadn't thought of that (seaming the left side)...I'll give that a try - I really don't want to give up on it. Thanks so much for the input!!
  5. ooops..forgot to add that that right side is beginning to do the same thing...ughhhhh
  6. I ammaking the bernat lapel jacket/sweater...and although my stitch counts are right, it doesn't seem to look quite right. I understand the pattern and I can see how it all comes together its just on the left side the front and back parts (where the arrows point to)it doesn't look right. The back left edge is going out and the front left side goes in. Is this looking right? Do sweaters not look right until they come together at the end? I keep telling myself to keep going, it'll all come together but I'm beginning to think maybe I need to give up on it This pattern is not written very c
  7. with the help of my mom..I am on the right track. I was making it seem harder than it needed to be and in turn, confused myself..and you're right I don't need to reverse it. Thanks for the reply
  8. Having a really hard time with this pattern!!! I am a leftie...after reading through the helpful advice I'm thinking I need to reverse the pattern i.e., what the pattern calls the back is the front for me)...any advice?
  9. my first owl hat...what do you think?
  10. I'd like to make this hat for my niece who is about 5 months old. I see that the pattern calls for an I hook for the body and a g hook for the ribbing and I thought an I hook might make it too big. Has any one mad this hat in a 6 month size and if so what hook size did you use? Thanks!
  11. This has been a labor of love!! It is made with Caron Country yarn, which is a merino wool/acrylic blend. As happy as I am with it..I am sure glad its done! Istarted this in May or June of last year and just finished it up this morning. I did not want to do any othe projects (even small ones) until I finished this one, but that only resulted in it taking waaaayyy too long to finish it because I got bored of it.. a lot!! So I understand now why it can be a good idea to have a few projects going at once.
  12. Thank you for all the nice comments I used good ol' Simply Soft in Sunshine, Melon, and Pale Blue. It's CrochetDads 9 point RR pattern and I used an 'I' hook...extremely simple pattern yet the results are amazing! I never get tired of looking at RR's.
  13. thank you both...I am really happy with the way it turned out.
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