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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone would mind helping with a ripple pattern. Im trying to make a baby afghan and I found a pattern to work with. I just did the 14 + stitches and added three on the end. My problem is my end is not lining up its kinda of at an angle and im at row two i havent even started row three yet. I would like to make this baby blanket I found the pattern easy and I like double crochet. Can i have some help please. Here is the patter im working with. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/neat-ripple-pattern.html
  2. Ok im almost done with my project im working on now to make two booties and a hat for a baby girl due in november.
  3. Ok im joining. Im working on a granny square blanket for my sister in law. I have by november to get it done and im at 20inches around.
  4. Here is a hat and baby booties I made for a friend.
  5. Here is a hat for my sister
  6. Here is another hat for my friend as you see im working with a color theme lol
  7. Hat I made for my sister
  8. I just want to share my sister in laws Christmas gift to me she made me a cowl and a hat. I need to get my hooks out again.
  9. Just finished this baby afghan. Now to make hat and booties.
  10. I would like to join and learn how to do this. There is a tunisian set by denise now that I would like some day but first thing is first. I can make a baby blanket.
  11. Here is a hat I made for my sister. Ive been crocheting a lot more I also made a pair of mittens I will post that later This hat is done in the side ways pattern as well.
  12. I made a fingerless mittens for a deserving friend. I like how the pattern came out it gave me a challenge. Here is the picture sorry about the line that came through.
  13. HI, I need help with this pattern. It seems that the increases are going to come out to be more unless someone can tell me how many exactly im increasing per row that might help. Here is the pattern. Thank you all. http://crochetme.com/media/p/90002.aspx
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