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    29 glorious years!
  1. Not written up yet. I just finished these so I have to do a bit of pattern testing before releasing. Stay tuned...
  2. Lots of pattern requests on these. I will try! I have to test the lattice and pecan before writing. I don't release untested patterns so bear with me. It took me a week to design and crochet all three of these. Should take me less time to test. Thanks all!!! You guys are so sweet!!
  3. I am overwhelmed! Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments guys!! You all keep my fingers and brain working hard to create new stuff!
  4. I have been infused with some serious crochet mojo combined with a touch of holiday spirit for the past few weeks. Now, you all know what that means...Oh yes, that definitely portends a bit of twist in my yarn! Introducing Holiday Pie-rets! These crocheted versions of round flaky goodness are just in time for Turkey Day! And yes, you can be sure I will be wearing pie to my family's Thanksgiving feast. So, let's take a look at my crusty choices shall we? There is the always popular seasonal delight, Pumpkin Pie-ret... Topped with a dollop of cream... OR how about a touch of dark and rich Pecan Pie-ret... And my personal fave, the Cranberry Orange Pie-ret with lattice crust! It's a tough choice to be sure. Onto the crochet stats... The Pecan and Cranberry Pie-rets were crocheted with an F hook and some of my Cascade 220 stash. An F hook combined with this light worsted yarn creates a very tight fabric. This is exactly the effect I was attempting to achieve as I was aiming for structure, not drape. My challenge during the design process for both of these Pie-rets was creating a perfectly shaped circle while using a popcorn stitch pattern. Needless to say, frogging ensued before I came up the correct increase to stitch ratio. I am happy with the results. The Pumpkin Pie-ret was also crocheted with an F hook. However, I chose to use Lamb's Pride worsted for this one. Don't think I would choose this yarn again for this type of project. The FO ended up being too heavy for my taste. I will use Cascade 220 going forward should I ever decide to crochet another dessert-themed hat! Thanks for looking!
  5. Very cute...and a little gruesome...I LOVE IT!
  6. Hi guys! I have posted a FREE Halloween crochet pattern on my blog...Vampire Bat Appliques! Have fun making lots and lots of batty bats!!
  7. You're telling me! I am usually very fast when it comes to churning out the FO's. Not this one though. Spinning takes time. Although, it is time well spent. Thanks all!!
  8. Thanks all! It is soft! I used a mixture of different wools, but mostly merino. It definitely worked out. I am so happy with how the yarn crocheted up. You never really know how a yarn is going to look until it is crocheted or knitted up!
  9. Let me preface this post with the factioid that I learned to spin last fall. Since then I have been practicing the art of spinning on a weekly basis. Anyway, about two months ago I had finally accumulated enough homespun to actually make something! Here is the result of my toil... It's the Dead Sea Stole. All the yarn used in this project was either dyed, spun or a combo of the two by me!! Here's the yarn just after being plied... Yarn crocheted... The yarn for the fish skellies (appliques) is a result of one of my home dye projects. I used glow in the dark acid dye for that yarn. Fish eyes are needle felted. Anyway, I am pretty proud of the results. This is the first of many "From Fluff to Finished" items I intend to make. Yay!!
  10. You can pull the bag inside-out.
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