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  1. Hello. I am trying to find a pattern on a bed spread thats not too hard or too easy and I can barely find one that fits my think of thought. So hopefully you guys can help out.
  2. Yes is there a good link to find a king size round ripple afghan pattern and not a afghan kit. Cause I've already crochet 8 completed afghans and baby blankets that I'm going to sell at the farmers market. Could anyone help me find the free pattern link for a king size round ripple?? Thanks.
  3. Yes I was on YouTube a few days ago looking at the galaxy of change tutorial and it only shows a few segments of the blanket being made. So I was wondering if there is a free galaxy of change pattern instead of the one on ravlry. Thanks.
  4. Hello I was looking up crochet afghan calculator and it didn't even have the results I needed and if I remember right.. my king size Afghan is a California king size Afghan and the stitches are 365 chains and the last three chains count as the 1st double crochet stitch and I crochet 188 rows. So how much crochet chain does it take to be The California king afghan size ??? Thanks.
  5. Ok everyone. I'm new to the forum. And I was trying to remember what was the only pattern that has a rose motif that starts in the middle of the rose ( I don't know how many chains it calls for to make it into a join chain aka circle join) and then you double crochet like 5 or 6 stitches and then u put a single crochet between the petals and then you continue the rose in a circular motion and if I remember correctly the rose has to be in a 5 to 5 inch across. And then you crochet green yarn as the leaves around it along with the white or Aran ivory colored yarn and then after making the rose c
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