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  1. Hi there, i do a lot of dolls and stuffed animals and sometimes they leave the hole open for the body to attach. I always close the hole with 2 tog, until it is closed. Even if the pattern does not call for it.
  2. Welcome to the group!! I'm very excited to see all your patterns, I have a friend who is also from germany and is a wonder with her crochet hooks. She can make anything!!!
  3. I would love to spend all my time crocheting but between husband, grandkids, 2 puppies they take up allot of time. I do manage a little each day though. I am working on a troll baby now. What are you currant projects??
  4. I am looking for a cute crochet pattern for a troll, anyone have one !!!
  5. I Love to crochet dolls and stuffed animals. I like to share patterns with anyone who might be looking for a pattern.
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