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    I'm a 24 year old from Ohio. I love to crochet. My mom and I our teachers at our local library.
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    arts & crafts, reading, penpalling, graphic making, makeup, ladybugs, pigs, stickers
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    Going Back To College!
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    Scarves & hats: mom and I give them to our local helpline at christmastime so local families in need can have a christmas, and stay warm.
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  1. This is amazing. And the cause of Special Olympics touches my heart as I have a special group of students that I love teaching very much.
  2. My testing is all done. With permission I used worsted weight yarn with a H hook. And I made my alien into a ....... GIRL! My dad named her Annie, so here she is! I just think she's adorable! I love how the pattern turned out, so thank you for letting me test it!
  3. I would be very happy to test her for you. How cute is she.
  4. That is beautiful! I agree with you about the pictures thing. You need to protect your designs.
  5. Yay, all these Buckeyes giving me a warm welcome! In in Shelby city.
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