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    Fat bottoms

    What a sweet aunt to put aside your prejudices! They're lovely, and I'm sure they'll be really appreciated.
  2. As a little kid, my brother used to call creamed corn "yellow beans", and that was one of his favorite foods. He was a picky eater. Supposedly, up until a certain age, like 4 or so, I was the interpreter between him and my mom-he'd want something and TRY to tell her, but she wouldn't have any idea, but then I'd say, "He's trying to tell you that his ball is out in the street." or whatever. I know I mis-called things as a little kid, but can't remember what offhand.
  3. Welcome to Crochetville! I know you'll love it here!
  4. You did great! Its wonderful:cheer:cheer I wish my first attempts looked like that!
  5. Welcome! Hope you stay around this time and keep on crocheting.
  6. I love that! Words like 'macabre' come instantly to mind.
  7. I think many of us crocheters would get along fine with knitters, and vice versa, but in some camps, it has almost become the "thing" to do to put down whichever craft you don't do, and that's led to a lot of hurt feelings for people. I started out as a knitter, and have great respect for the craft, but I found that I was better at crocheting, and have more pleasure overall from it. I might pick up the needles again one day-who knows. Then I'll be bi-stitchual (I read that somewhere, and thought it was a cute description of a crocheting knitter/knitting crocheter.)
  8. Well, not free, but cheap, anyway. Check out thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army-places like that sometimes have yarn for cheap. There is also a section here called "For Sale, Trade or Free" that you might check.
  9. I'm wandering in here pretty late in the game--I'm going to be starting mine tomorrow, as soon as I get the yarn. I'm too much of a chicken to sew a lining, so I'm crocheting one. I'm going to do a shoulder strap rather than the wooden handles, because with as many critters around as I've got, the purse HAS to be washable! See y'all soon!
  10. You know, I've never understood the whole attitude of yarn stores. I've been in one LYS in my entire life, and it seriously warped me. They looked down on the fact that I knitted with aluminum needles and used RHSS, and seemed to make a value judgment about me as a person based on my yarn choices. Guess what--I used what I could afford at the time, which did not happen to be their expensive yarn. I'd hate to see what would happen if I walked into the same store today and wanted some yarn to...CROCHET with! They might run me out of there, brandishing size 50 knitting needles at my head. I'd rather buy online or anywhere other than a place like that.
  11. I started to get really frustrated once when my brother called my crocheting "knitting," although I started out as a knitter first, and he was used to seeing me knit, or knitting things for his dog or our mother. Buuuut....the entire sentence was: "You make some really beautiful things with your knitting.", so I let the error slide and accepted his compliment. Now, had that happened outside the family, I might've politely told the person that I was a hooker, and waited to see their reaction.
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