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  1. GOT IT...thanks! I am in need of 3 yards of fleece in the Arkansas Razorbacks pattern. I can find sports themed material here (DFW) but only local teams...so I thought I would see if anyone in AR could help me out. I will pay for shipping and the cost of the material. Thanks for any help you can provide. Have a great day!
  2. That is so nice, i love the colors you picked. I have been looking for a purse pattern, I think I will give this one a go...I just love ripples too! Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is darling! You did a terrific job! Love the caterpillar too!
  4. That is so clever! I have never seen Hello Kitti in a motif/square before! Great job! LOVE IT!
  5. WOW! That is so nice. You did a terrific job. I just love the motif you picked and the colors are great. LOVE IT!
  6. That is so nice. I just love the pattner and the way the blue is used throughout. Great job!
  7. These are all the rave at the local Yoga joint. I have made 4 so far. A coworker asked me to make her the flower hat in 100% cotton for her Tantric Yoga class. So I got some Sinfonia from Hobby Lobby and holding two strands together with an I hook got a nice fitting hat. Dot's patterns are wonderful and this worked out so nicely that others in her class wanted one too! I think the cotton really shows the stitches and design nicely. I had to add a row of hdc and an row of sc at the end so that it would be the right length, but other than that it is just like the pattern says. Keep up the great work Dot!
  8. A few coworkers are expecting, so I whipped up a few things for them. Here are pictures, but check out my blog for more pics and details. Thanks for looking and have a great day! I just love making baby things!
  9. Great job on everything! I love it all. The color of the beret and scarf is lovely. Can't wait to see what else you whip up.
  10. Terrific job! The colors are spectacular. Great choice!
  11. What a clever idea! I JUST LOVE IT! That is so darling and how clever of you to think of that. Great job!
  12. truelove730


    With all the posts of animals, I just had to share my robin I made this past week. It was a gift for a friend, I have made several of the Sally V George animals for her in the past. She loved this one. Check out my blog post about it too. I just love the tail!
  13. Nikki, I just emailed you. You read my mind. I started a project this weekend with LusterSheen in Dark Mulberry and cannot find any at my Hobby Lobbies. I need 5 skeins and will pay you. Thank you!
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