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  1. Ms. pink, thank u for the welcome wave.... Linda
  2. Thank u for the hugs ms Granny Square, i have a mediport and on 3 rd. Treatment I also thought of overflow of AM doll accessories so will leave that idea rest for a while.. thank u for reinforcing my thoughts... hugs, Linda
  3. Thank you Bailey, I will rethink all this.... and u do make sense with all....think I will make as manyquilts as I cAn and give them to miles perret for auctions and maybe the AM girl stuff I already have made...and ask them to give extra attention for my 2 new friends I made... thank u again, Linda
  4. Red rose, thank u for reminding me of wanting and must do... i do have a few lap quilts made and will look into this esty later tonight... need to make NOT spend $$$ ... and might have better chance on esty... thank you for directing me in that direction... hugs, Linda
  5. Thanks for responding... i want to do both... make a few $$$ colon and breast cancer victims that fall between the cracks. I am low income senior in a low income apartment I am fortunate that Have a good friend supporter but others don't, i met 2 ladies who husbands left them and became homeless. One living in her van and the other about to move where I live... and need everything... furniture etc... i have a lot furniture to share but not much $$$... and I have a lot of yarn stached away, I can use.. this is all something I jumped in without thinking first... didn't realize there was so much out there... need to do better research... and thought here I might get better perspective... of you ladies thoughts and maybe ideas... thanks again hugs Linda
  6. Hello ladies, I would like to ask any of you selling on eBay American girl items, if u r doing well or if you have a special item you are specializing for AM dolls... I am having second thoughts about sewing or crocheting for this doll or any doll.... I have been a quilter for many MANY years and seems I just can't get into it... I was looking for something I could bring with me while I am taking chemo which is 4-5 hours.... but I look on eBay and see sooo many sellers...and can't find something different than what is on eBay ... would like any opinions and your personal thought.... just don't want to copy cat and compete.... hooo hum... thank you ladies Linda from south Louisiana
  7. Thank u Mona ... love your fur babies... I'm going to try to add my fur baby Takki as my picture if I can figure it out.... lol... she just passed away a week tomorrow... May 24,
  8. Thank u ms. Tampa, there are so many abrivations that I am SO unfirmilar with... granny way just a granny square person... lol... best to all , LINDA from south Louisiana
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Linda. I crochet many MANY years ago with my granny but raising nieces stopped that... Now 68 and single having surgery after surgery has given me a lot of time to get back into crocheting... My dream is to make doll clothes and sell them on eBay since I am a low income senior... The computer has become good company with information... Hope to learn and get ideas for this OLD newbie in crocheting. LINDA from south Louisiana
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