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    Eastern Fraser Valley, BC
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    reading, writing, photography, crochet, music (piano, singing), cycling, hiking, being outside
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    registered care aide
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    amirigumi, freeform, broomstick lace, hairpin lace
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  1. Happy Victoria Day to all who observe it, whether you're off work today or not. I think it's Memorial Day in the States - so I hope you're all having a great stat holiday, too!! :clap

  2. MimiMEJKreations

    Hi! I'm Michelle from BC's Eastern Fraser Valley

    Hi. ☺
  3. MimiMEJKreations

    Sitting or standing?

    Papasan chairs are wonderful things.
  4. MimiMEJKreations

    Hi! I'm Michelle from BC's Fraser Valley

    Hi, TampaDoll, & thank-you! I'm excited about C2C - it always looks so cool in the pictures, & I find it works up quickly. ☺
  5. MimiMEJKreations

    Cold Canadian Looking to Warm Up!

    Hi from BC's Fraser Valley!! Yay for those prairie winters, although we definitely had a good, healthy taste of it here this winter, that's for sure!! I love the cold & can't stand the heat. Nice to see another Canadian here. Methinks there're a few of us here. ☺
  6. MimiMEJKreations

    I hate when I crochet my hair into something!

    Oh, the frogging!! Aargh!!
  7. MimiMEJKreations

    Hi! I'm Michelle from BC's Fraser Valley

    Hi, howieann!!
  8. MimiMEJKreations

    what else do you do?

    That'a something I'd love to try.
  9. MimiMEJKreations

    what else do you do?

    Oh, how I'd love to learn tatting!! I need someone live in my life to show me. I've tried to learn from YouTube vidoes, but I can never quite get it. ☺ Aside from crochet, I also write & read & colour, & I'm into photography, especially of my cat & nature. I'm a pianist & a singer. I can also play guitar & flute & recorder, but the piano's my first musical love. I'm very happy to have a keyboard which allows me to express myself as close as I can get to a piano without actually being a piano. ☺ I also know how to cross stitch, do plastic canvas stuff, loom knitting, & rug hooking. I can knit a little. I want to get back into this more.
  10. MimiMEJKreations

    Do you have a certain time of day?

    No specific time - just whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I'll crochet at work if there's a lull.
  11. MimiMEJKreations

    Sitting or standing?

    I can't stand or exercise while I crochet. I have to sit because I love the feel of the yarn all over me, & my cat likes to be near me when I'm crocheting. He doesn't try to play with the yarn while I'm using it. I do need to remember, though, to get up & take breaks more often, although that's a lot easier when I don't have a cat curled up on my lap. He is not to be disturbed at such times. haha ☺
  12. MimiMEJKreations

    I hate when I crochet my hair into something!

    Between my own hair & my cat's fur, something aside from the yarn or whatever else is supposed to be in a project ends up in there. The cat hair's often easy enough to get out since he's a short haired cat, but my own hair - that's another matter! It's down past my bra strap, & so it's a length that'a pretty much impossible to get out by just pulling on it. I can usually catch it before I've gone tol far; so I've never had to frog an entire piece in order remove it. Still, it can be annoying. One thing I made & gave to a friend had a few bits of my cat Dublin's fur in it, & my friend loved that. So in that case it was fine. She loves cats & understands the way it gets into things. ☺
  13. MimiMEJKreations

    Finished Objects/Works In Progress Video chats?

    Cool!! What's your YouTube channel?
  14. MimiMEJKreations

    Anyone in Vancouver, BC?

    Hi! I'm a wee bit far away - out in Agassiz - but at least we're both in the Lower Mainland. ☺
  15. Hi! i'm Michelle & I live in the eastern Fraser Valley of BC, Canada. ☺