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  1. Happy Victoria Day to all who observe it, whether you're off work today or not. I think it's Memorial Day in the States - so I hope you're all having a great stat holiday, too!! :clap

  2. Hi. ☺
  3. Papasan chairs are wonderful things.
  4. Hi, TampaDoll, & thank-you! I'm excited about C2C - it always looks so cool in the pictures, & I find it works up quickly. ☺
  5. Hi from BC's Fraser Valley!! Yay for those prairie winters, although we definitely had a good, healthy taste of it here this winter, that's for sure!! I love the cold & can't stand the heat. Nice to see another Canadian here. Methinks there're a few of us here. ☺
  6. Oh, the frogging!! Aargh!!
  7. Hi, howieann!!
  8. That'a something I'd love to try.
  9. Oh, how I'd love to learn tatting!! I need someone live in my life to show me. I've tried to learn from YouTube vidoes, but I can never quite get it. ☺ Aside from crochet, I also write & read & colour, & I'm into photography, especially of my cat & nature. I'm a pianist & a singer. I can also play guitar & flute & recorder, but the piano's my first musical love. I'm very happy to have a keyboard which allows me to express myself as close as I can get to a piano without actually being a piano. ☺ I also know how to cross stitch, do plastic canvas stuff, loom knitting, & rug hooking. I can knit a little. I want to get back into this more.
  10. No specific time - just whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I'll crochet at work if there's a lull.
  11. I can't stand or exercise while I crochet. I have to sit because I love the feel of the yarn all over me, & my cat likes to be near me when I'm crocheting. He doesn't try to play with the yarn while I'm using it. I do need to remember, though, to get up & take breaks more often, although that's a lot easier when I don't have a cat curled up on my lap. He is not to be disturbed at such times. haha ☺
  12. Between my own hair & my cat's fur, something aside from the yarn or whatever else is supposed to be in a project ends up in there. The cat hair's often easy enough to get out since he's a short haired cat, but my own hair - that's another matter! It's down past my bra strap, & so it's a length that'a pretty much impossible to get out by just pulling on it. I can usually catch it before I've gone tol far; so I've never had to frog an entire piece in order remove it. Still, it can be annoying. One thing I made & gave to a friend had a few bits of my cat Dublin's fur in it, & my friend loved that. So in that case it was fine. She loves cats & understands the way it gets into things. ☺
  13. Cool!! What's your YouTube channel?
  14. Hi! I'm a wee bit far away - out in Agassiz - but at least we're both in the Lower Mainland. ☺
  15. Hi! i'm Michelle & I live in the eastern Fraser Valley of BC, Canada. ☺